Mobilizing Development on the Fast Track


Despite billions of investment in autonomous vehicles innovation, automakers are still perfecting driverless technology. Mobilian aims to mobilize the development progress on the fast track by offering blockchain-based solutions.

Introducing a High-Traffic Ecosystem


The Mobilian ecosystem is solely engineered for the autonomous vehicles industry. From an underlying secured network that supports AI-powered driverless cars to an open-source library for knowledge sharing, Mobilian instills decentralization and security within its ecosystem.

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    Mobilian Security System
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    Lian A.I.
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    Moby Application
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    Open-Source Library
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Pushing Decentralization in the Automotive Industry


Mobilian network provides our clients a decentralized environment to store and access vehicle data in a secure way. As autonomous cars are highly-dependent on big data, Mobilian network’s scalability will be adequate to store all data that supports the AI controls.

By leveraging blockchain, we can ensure the accuracy of all gathered data including the simulations, camera footages, and unstructured big data that are acquired while the car is in motion.


Driving Away Network Hacking and Cyber Attacks

With digitalization, it has become easier for hackers to control vehicles. Mobilian is ready to protect autonomous vehicles from system hacking, information theft, and even DDoS attacks.


Fueling Efficiency Through Knowledge Sharing

As Mobilian believes in decentralization, we built an open-source research library where automakers and innovators can exchange studies about driverless car technology.

Smart A.I Driver


LIAN is the name of the AI-powered driver for the Mobilian network. She will be the one to drive the car, navigate the city roads, and observe her surroundings to make sure her passengers are safely dropped to their target destination.

With the power of A.I. and neural networks, LIAN will be programmed to be as efficient as a human driver while providing more security. LIAN aims to have the ability to make good road judgment and decision making skills.

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    360° Vehicle Sensors

    Vehicle sensors will sense distancing with external elements, its integral for navigation.

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    Voice Control

    Passengers will be able to control the vehicle and ask questions to the AI-driver LIAN.

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    In-built GPS

    LIAN comes with an in-built GPS system that allows vehicles to be tracked on the network.

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    AI-powered Camera

    With the AI-powered camera, LIAN will be able interpret road signs and traffic lights.

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    Automatic Security Check

    Before hitting the road, LIAN will implement all standard safety procedures automatically.

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    Auto-Engaged Road Assistance

    In case of emergency, LIAN will notify the Mobilian network to report the incident in real time.


Q3 2020

The Start of the Journey

  • Launch the official company website.
  • Publish Mobilian whitepaper.
  • Start planning and development.
  • Set up company and headquarters.

Q4 2020

Mobilian Hitting the Road

  • Launch official social channels.
  • Reach out to automobile companies.
  • Advertise project to related institutions.
  • Form the blockchain development team.

Q1 2021

Driving Innovation Forward

  • Establish partnerships with universities and research institutes.
  • Launch the open-source library platform.
  • Test Mobilian blockchain network.
  • Hire AI experts and data scientists.

Q2 2021

Mobilian on the Blockchain Highway

  • Launch Mobilian blockchain.
  • Launch decentralized Research Library.
  • Start the development of AI data storage.
  • Develop Mobilian security system for vehicles.

Neural Network Memory

Neural Network Memory from the term itself shows its connection with the human brain’s neurons. In machine learning, neural network computing is designed to mimic how the brain works.

On this part of the data storage, all the programming for the driverless car, including its navigation, speech, and judgment will be its core. Simply, these are sets of rules the car follows to ensure safe and efficient driving. This part of the data storage can be integrated into several numbers of vehicles.

Machine Learning Memory

AI-Learning Memory is a repository of the vehicle’s continuous learning. This side will serve as a securely store all big data gathered by the car while on the road, such as vehicle simulations.

Data is essential for AI to improve its performance. The learning memory will keep all data gathered by the car, including the footage taken by its camera. These data will be essential for developers to upgrade their AI-driven vehicles.

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Mobilian Whitepaper

The Mobilian whitepaper is the document that explains in a comprehensive and detailed way all the technology present in our platform, application, and library, as well as all the services we provide. To understand our project extensively, we invite you to download and read our whitepaper.

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